Moment in Sydney...at the bus stop

Posted by JSYL on Friday, July 17, 2009 in ,

Random man: What background are you?

JSYL: Malaysian-Chinese.

Random man: Ohhh!! Like Poh!

JSYL: .........Yeah. Just like Poh.

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I live in a box. Please tell me what Poh is or means.

Thank you.

Haha...has there been an American version of MasterChef yet? It's a reality cooking show, it's HUGE in Australia at the moment, down to the final two contestants, Poh is one of them, and one of the very few Chinese faces on Australian free-to-air TV. :P Have a look at the link on her name for more info! :)

Anonymous says:

I like the "moment in Sydney" series. It's always fun to find the little quirks in the big city.

- David

Ahahahah I love it!! Poh's pretty hot though, so compliment PLUS =)

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