Moment in Sydney...at Harry's

Posted by JSYL on Monday, May 11, 2009 in ,
During my trip to Barcelona in 2008, I found that the only way to describe a city that never ceases to amaze you is to recall the moments you spend in it. So I've decided there's no reason I can't do the same for my hometown, Sydney. After all, sometimes it's the simplest moments that make all the difference if you just pay attention to them.

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Sitting on the ground next to Harry's with my girlfriends. Dressed to kill but lounging with legs sprawled in front of us to rest our feet, throbbing from too many hours in heels far too high for us. Eating a pie and peas at 1am, shaking with laughter, heads thrown back. Laughing out loud with our mouths full of mash and mystery meat. Totally oblivious yet indifferent to the bewildered passersby.



harry's pie!! YUM!! omg! i want!! :(

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