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I'm sure there was a time when people saved love letters to remind them of better days. They'd take them out of boxes where they were all stacked carefully, smooth out the creases and smile as they read particularly familiar lines. But I'm a member of Generation iPod. We don't have time for that shit. (i kid, i kid.) But seriously- people these days usually just save funny text messages for ages in their phones, to remind them of one crazy drunken night or another. I scrolled through mine today and found some from early in my trip i never got around to deleting. Here's a small sample of my favourites (for one reason or another) to give you a snapshot of some of my better, drunker, or just typical times here:

"Good news! Your favourite cousin is on his way home. Brace yourself for the most fun you've ever had on a wed night in London!:)"
(Damien, sent on my first Wednesday night in London)

"Hey sugar dumpling this is a rap, i got cheese in my pocket and i am ready to roll/and i am rolling down central ready 2 go/so if u like da candy man holla @ man YO!/And if you like my flow jus say so, or jus stay @ home with ur bro & tony yayo! YO!"
(Richard, my flatmate)

"Hey hows it going? Just thought id txt to see if you were alright and to check you werent too hungover this morning:-) im at work counting down the minutes till hometime! Hows the article going?x"
(Ross' first text)

"Hey my beautiful sausage i am going 2 bed knock on my window if u want 2 get in peace! x"
(Rich, when I couldn't find my keys and went out at night)

"and how are we feeling today missy? x"

"Ok cool, just remember everything turned out great for will smith in the end and he became a multimillionaire and lived happily ever after, the same will happen to you! Or if it doesnt ill at least buy u a drink :-) see you later."
(Ross, when i was super stressed- guess the movie reference!)

"Thanks for not getting a fat ugly girl to do it!"

"You were amazing. I thought you were really dead."
(Nick, re: my performance in Clue)

"I'll be home in abt an hr :)"
(Chet, my flatmate, to let me know when to put the coookie mix in the oven)

"Thanks you fat person hater. Sweet dreams."
"Ha. Glad to see you made it out of bed. Oh and you keep misspelling sexy."
(Nick, following text messages from me calling him sexist)

(Michael, to announce that it snowed last night)

Michael: "It's snowing!"
Me: "I know its so pretty, i've been running around taking photos everywhere"
Michael: "I'm so happy!"
(Our phone conversation when he rang me afterwards to announce it again)

"I'm orange! u must come down lol, there will be blue drink and everything!"
(Sarah, who dressed up as an octopus at the Chunder the Sea theme birthday party I went to last night)

*Russ: sorry its so long, it just turned out that way in the end :P



Russki says:

Haha Just scrolled to the last line Jane :P j/k Interesting snapshot about what you've gotten up to.

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