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I could've potentially interviewed anyone for this profile- Reuters commands that kind of authority- but I was drawn to Annie Mole, who's blog I stumbled on when scrambling for contacts for the 'London Love' story. She writes for Qype, and advertised their survey about commuters picking up on the Tube, on her blog.. She was pretty fun to interview, check out the profile here.

Holy Moley.
When my editor said this story would really spread (as the London Mayoral elections are on today, and poor Tube conditions and services are high on the agenda) I took it as a sign of encouragement, but didn't take it too seriously. I came into work this morning and found online versions of the story at:

The Mirror

Reuters Africa

Tiscali News

Yahoo! UK News

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! Canada News

NZ Herald


Thank God for Google.



Sharne Lawson says:

Hey Jane!
Just read a bunch of your blog entries and sounds like you're really enjoying yourself! So motivated and I'm very impressed.
You're doing so well for yourself. How long are you in London for?
Talk to you soon

Thanks so much Jane - you would not believe how much traffic I've had as a result of your interview - you rock!

Hey nice work! So talented!

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