The quiet things that no one ever knows.

Posted by JSYL on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 in

1. My shower is tiny. It took me a while to work out how not to be swallowed by the white curtain that surrounds it, its that small.

2. I think I'm starting to develop English tendencies when I talk. No, no accent yet. Just an indignant lilt, a downward emphasis on certain words that permeates the British 'tone'. It's hard to describe. I also avoid abbreviations, preferring to speak in passive aggressive tones, e.g. "Did you not hear half of Westminster in the flat last night?" instead of "Didn't you hear half of Westminster in the flat last night?". I say "film" instead of "movie" increasingly, and use the word "surely" quite frequently.

3. I'm using my brother's old sim card, so to avoid confusion, I started putting "UK" before my new friends' names when entering them in my phone, which now means I have to scroll through the normal alphabet, and then re-scroll through over twenty UK entries to get anyone's contact out.

4. The 'x', as in 'kisses' is very commonly used as a punctuation mark in text messages among younger locals. More on that one later.

5. When the little green man at pedestrian crossing flashes, it means he's about to go red. That's a good one to know, especially if you're crossing the road by yourself for the first time in a foreign country.

6. Vivienne Westwood used to go to the University of Westminster.



I remember when I used to live in a tiny flat in the Western burbs' with a tiny shower! It was so tiny that I would always hit the glass walls by accident :)

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