Posted by JSYL on Sunday, March 16, 2008
Last week was spent on 'Clue': a theatrical adaptation of both the boardgame Cluedo and the 80s movie that came from it. I had one line: "I am your singing telegram", sung (as you do) before I got shot. That's right. I got shot every night for four nights, and spent most of my time on stage as a corpse, trying hard not to laugh.

40 minutes on the tube either way, a weekend of dress rehearsals and an hour of waiting backstage for my cue, all for my 15 minutes of fame- literally. I was pretty sick last week, and it made the freezing trek a little less inticing each night. But I had a really good time doing it and met some very entertaining people along the way, so it was all worth it!

I was also pretty busy with interviews for Smoke radio. There was a 24 hour broadcast Friday through to Saturday which included regular updates from the final day of student union elections. I did a pre-recorded interview with a Harrow student rep candidate, and the manager of one of the Activities VP candidates. Check me, ahem, I mean 'it' out here. I also read the news on one of my friends' specialist shows at night. I then played him in an awesome game of pool at the uni bar and very VERY narrowly beat him. (It was down to 3 balls each, then we were neck and neck for the 8 ball, then he got it in but sunk the white ball too, thereby forfeiting the game. I still got it!)

I was supposed to sleep over in the computer labs with the presenters for the graveyard shift shows, where there were forts of sleeping bags built over piles of pizza boxes, but I was way too tired from the week's festivities, which included staying up till 5am waiting for half the uni population's loud drunken asses to leave my flat and stop pounding my already fierce headache with their shrill shrieks and verge-of-a-fight chatter (i.e. "You want some?" "Eric, no! Don't do it!" "What are you trying to SAY to me huh?" *chair crashes, people running, door slams*).

The next night I randomly had a piece of specialty confectionary for the first time (if you don't get it I'm not about to explain, so think hard) that, anti-climactically, just gave me a dry mouth, tingly feet, and made me fall asleep for about 14 hours straight. Which was probably just what I needed at the end of this week anyway.

P.S. If you're interested, you can now hear me on my regular hourly 'slot' on Smoke radio at www.smokeradio.co.uk Tuesday from 4-6am Sydney time (that's Monday 5-7pm London time). I read a news bulletin at the top of each hour. But apparently it stuffs up if more than 30 people are listening at once, which is why most of you didn't hear the last show I told you about.



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