When it Rains it pours.

Posted by JSYL on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 in ,
There aren't enough photos on this site.

Rain during the interview- (Reuters/David Gray)

So cheesy-- smitten! =p

Baris (Head of Reuters TV), Rain

Check out the article here. More later!



call me smitten kitten :P

and awesome article :P hehe i can't wait to give you the footage... it keeps taking me back! hahaha

i think i'm still in love...

purely fan-based love of course *ahem* and not the idealistic-out-of-this-world-only-happens-in-make-believe-and-tracy's-dreams hahaha

signing off,

your bebe :P

Great work Jane! Although,is that a little card with scribbled numbers I see enclosed within that coy hand shake of yours...hmmm...perhaps we'll be seeing lil' kiddie "Rains" running about in the future ey?


Thanks! But was ur comment so scandalous as to warrant the initial, instead of your full name? =p Who are you mystery M??

Tis' a mystery!
!D Takecare and see you round kiddo. And no not scandalous, just lethargic..

Peter? Though why would you call yourself M? This is gonna bug me. Tell me who you are! =p

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