Posted by JSYL on Thursday, February 01, 2007

(Source: Go Fug Yourself)

Little known fact: I adored Full House...when my mum got sick of my obsession and more than a little worried, she banned me from watching it. I still remember my grandpa taping the Disneyland episode for me so I could keep watching it (you know, where they go to Disneyland and Michelle and Stephanie fight about being "princess for the day"?). It was during the 80s and I was about 5, I dreamed of being best friends with Stephanie and harboured a mega crush on Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and like most people, thought Mary Kate Ashley Olsen was just a really long name. To be fair in the opening credits they only introduce one of them when both names flash across the screen...talk about identity crisis. So I could relate gleefully, as I hope some of you can, to this with a kind of guilty pleasure, kind of like when you admit to yourself that e'en IF Bert and Ernie are gay they were always the ones you'd choose to stay with if you were planning a trip to Sesame Street...perhaps that was just me too...*sigh*.



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