E-Day for the Emissions Trading Scheme

Posted by JSYL on Monday, November 30, 2009 in , , , , , ,
What a difference a week makes in Australian Federal politics.

Just five days before the international climate conference in Copenhagen, two leadership spills for the Opposition in as many weeks have produced a new leader who, unlike the old one, doesn't believe in anthropogenic climate change, doesn't support the emissions trading scheme (ETS) aimed at combating it and, on a totally unrelated conservative note, is also anti-abortion.

The surprising vote for Tony Abbott as the new leader of the Liberal party yesterday dashed all hopes that Australia would act on climate change by passing legislation on an ETS before Copenhagen.

The Senate is expected to (finally) vote on the proposed ETS this morning - a scheme which seems to have been completely forgotten amidst all the commotion, in more ways than one.

So I thought it might be timely to post an article I wrote recently for agricultural magazine 'Agribusiness Australia' as a reminder of what is really at stake.

'Meat & Emissions' asks one of the country's most carbon-intensive industries how it plans to reduce its own emissions, the extent of its obligation to the world, and the pressures it faces as the race to slow the effects of climate change heats up.

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