Sydney Fashion Weekend Part 1: The splurge

Posted by JSYL on Monday, May 18, 2009 in
Shopping on impulse feels much like being in a dying relationship on crack.

It's fate, you think to yourself. At first glance, it peeks out at you from hundreds of coathangers uncomfortably wedged together flaunting their sub-standard wares, a shining beacon of hope amid the clutter of junk. You snatch it up before anyone else notices it, knowing instantly that you must claim it as your very own.

If you try it on, it's only for a second. The mirror tells you everything you want to hear: This is love. Nothing has ever fitted you better, you are positively glowing. Buy. It. Now.

Who are you to object to the forces of nature? Gladly you oblige with scarcely a doubt grazing your subconscious as you watch the attendant swipe away what is probably too many of your hard earned dollars on the crumpled garment before you. You sigh with satisfaction and clutch the bag to your chest with glee. The spoils of capitalism have never been sweeter. It's the female equivalent to eating a bloody steak or swigging a cold beer after a long day of construction, or something equally 'masculine' and inexplicably good.

Then - disaster strikes. The voice of reason, of loved ones, hits you like a bottle to the head: "Summer dresses for near full price, purchased at the start of Winter? Not very practical, Jane."

"But..but..I fell in love! This is what you DO when you're in love...you go all out! Throw caution to the wind! Go with the flow!" Even as the words come our of your mouth, you know you're only half trying to convince yourself of the inflated value of your ill-advised investment.

Within hours, in the privacy and far less forgiving lighting of your room, you re-assess. What was I thinking? This was all wrong from the start. I was high on Sydney Fashion Weekend bliss, overwhelmed by too-small sizes and too-expensive designer brands, lost and somewhat frightened by the masses of crazed, pretentious twenty-something girls attacking shelves of shoes like animals their prey, and in that vulnerable moment, there stood MinkPink, an affordable alternative, so thoughtful and kind, offering me a helping hand. Determined to walk away with something, I had made a rash splurge on not one, but two dresses that, while lovely, have caused me to give up too much, and may not be quite right for me.

But as my friend Maggie loves to remind me, I'm not the kind of girl that likes to 'rip off the bandaid'. Instead, I tend to let wounds from bad relationships linger on till they get infected and require invasive surgery.

You be the judge. Should I call it quits and end it once and for all? Or do you think that together we can make it work somehow? (Please be kind!)

P.S. More on Sydney Fashion Weekend next post.



wow!! nice dresses jane!! :D

Hey good lookin' :)

They're both CUTE! The red one's definitely more summery and pretty, while the white one.. hot! I'd say you could wear both in winter if you mix it up with the right gear.

Better to have bought than to have regretted not buying. Just make sure you wear them - don't let them be those items that live in the closet with the tag still attached.

DUDE that's hot. I'd have bought both too!! Mmmm fashion - we suffer for our art, don't you know? ;)

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