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What an obscure post title. The Hs stand for the Hack Half Hour.
I ordinarily try to shy away from any form of advertising on this blog, but this is really too good to miss, and I guess it could count as shameless self-promotion*, which we all know I'm in tremendous favour of.

I always go on about how I think it's tragic that young people are so apathetic about politics and the world around them these days, and that the media alone holds the key to somehow turning this around by making news palatable and relevant to us again.

In all seriousness, I think this show, a TV-version of Triple J's excellent program The Hack, could really make a difference to the problem. 'Current affairs' is no longer a dirty word in the world of Australian journalism!

I could rant about this show forever but I think it speaks for itself:

The first episode aired on ABC2 on Monday night. Get it while it's hot.

Update: watch it online here.

*I've been intern-ing on the show for the past few weeks.



Jane, you're going to need more than The Hack to repair the damage wrought by TT and ACA on the current affairs genre and humanity as a whole. We're talking about UN intervention and emergency aid relief to all those terminally shattered IQs here.

Cool, soon I'll know a quasi-TV celebrity.

As someone who's almost finished her second international law subject I can safely say that if current affairs' only hope is the UN we are all royally @#^@d. And yes. I did just censor myself. On my own blog. What a prude.

Alright, how about an unilateral US scorched earth policy? Make ACA and TT the Georgia, to our Russia.

Hey it's not being a prude, it's simply refusing to s**t in your own backyard.

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