The checklist

Posted by JSYL on Saturday, July 19, 2008 in ,

Things from London I will miss:
1. Strawberries
2. Decent buskers at all tube stops
3. Trend-watching all the fashionable people that walk past
4. Funky markets- Portobello and Spitalfields, particularly
5. Big Ben
6. Pret
7. Funky bars
8. Running for the tube and just making it through the doors as the warning beeps go off and they're about to close
9. Topshop, All Saints and Zara
10. That column in the Metro where people try to find other people they've "shared a moment with" on the tube

Things from London I will not miss:

1. People who stare at you on the tube for no particular reason, especially the ones that smile without looking away
2. People who bash into you without saying sorry, turning around or even slowing their gait
3. Longer than life queues to cross the street, go to the bank, get a coffee, withdraw from an ATM, and pretty much everywhere else
4. Black snot
5. Replacement buses and tube line closures
6. Dirty Halls' kitchens
7. Dirty/loud people IN halls
8. Running for the tube when you're really late and just missing it as the doors close in front of you
9. Tabloid newspapers
10. Obsession with all things Big Brother and all drugged out fugmo celebrities



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