Things I have learned since turning 21:

Posted by JSYL on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 in
(Being an 'adult' now, I feel it my place, nay, my duty, to share my worldly two months, five days, ten hours and nineteen minutes worth of widsom with you, dear readers.)

1. Don't drink cocktails and scull champagne right before you need to sing in front of 100 people. Drinking + singing = BAD.

2. Even a quarter of a shotglass worth of alcohol packs a mighty punch.

3. Don't stand near a person about to spit up a quarter of a shotglass worth of alcohol when you're wearing $200 worth of silk.

4. Silk gloves are hot, but you can do nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, when they're on. Seriously, hands become useless when gloved in silk.

5. Glebe folk are very friendly- especially men who buy kebabs at 12am and are mistaken for barstaff...outside the bar.

6. If you find yourself being serenaded on a sidewalk on a main street by three boys to the tune of John Mayer's 'your body is a wonderland', as middle-aged strangers are walking past wondering what the hell is going on, just go with the moment. It's more fun that way.

7. My friends and family are seriously the most awesome people in the world. (But I knew that long before becoming all wise and settled down, as of course I am now- I must be an early bloomer.)



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