Where I'm at:

Posted by JSYL on Sunday, June 03, 2007 in
A crossroads, staring straight ahead at what I could be,
and glancing backwards, biting my lip...
at what I was, and wanted to continue to be.

Between who I should be
and who I still am.

At a 'self-doubt' pitt stop,
with my hands in my pockets,
kicking at the dirt at my feet-
too stubborn and cautious to move in either direction.

At the realisation that either way I look
I have come a long way from where I once was,
and that distance has nothing to do with who I was with at the start,
and everything to do with how I've decided to get to this place.

It's a good place.
It's confusing,
and it's frustrating
and it's scary as all hell.
But at least I can say that it is mine
and wherever I go next will be up to me alone.



where do you want to go next?

No f---n idea. haha...they don't call us geminis for nothing you know =p

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