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I got to stand with the media next to the red carpet at Tropfest! I felt like an idiot because I was the only one there without a microphone or tv camera, but I stood between a 2GB and an Arena/Channel V (Yumi kept bumping into me, she's really short, even shorter than me!) so I pushed my little tape recorder near their microphones and recorded all their interviews. I knew no celebrity would wanna stop for me because they were limited to those stations/crews that would ensure them the most coverage, so this was the most efficient way to get my story.

I got totally overlooked, PR people were walking up trying to schmooze with the journos, and asked where they were from but sort of half smiled at me in a "is she meant to be here" look and kept walking...I got that feeling a lot throughout the night actually. But I didn't care I was having fun and waiting out for John Polson (he was actually in Mission impossible II and directed Hide and Seek with Deniro...not too shabby after all!). Remember I had that one hr phone interview with him the week before and I told him I might see him at Tropfest?

He did two interviews before he got to me so I knew he was gonna be pushed on by his minders, but I yelled out "John" before he passed too far, and he turned and I stuck out my hand and said "Jane from Reuters News, just wanted to shake your hand." and he goes "Oh yeah I talked to you earlier!" at which point I could feel the heads of the stupid blonde from Arena and the 2GB cameraman swivel towards me because they didn't understand how I could possibly know him.

I asked him how he was feeling on the 15th anniversary to which he replied excited, moreso than the first Tropfest before he was whisked away. As he was walking away he said "It was good to see you Jane!"

George Miller (director of Happy Feet, Babe) was interviewed by the Arena chick too, and I was inching my tape recorder closer and closer to him. All of a sudden he did this huge hand gesture and bumped into it, to which I mimed "I'M SO SORRY" because he was still on camera, and he motioned/mimed back "No no its okay". Phillip Noyce also bumped into my hand.

At the end of it I met this other girl who turned out to be volunteering for 2SER (UTS radio station) and talked to Andrew Denton, who was annoyed by all the camera crews bugging him, and he actually said to her, "These people are really rude, and to be honest they're a waste of space". Wooh! Another point to the real (i.e. not entertainment TV presenters) journalists. That brings the score to 2-0. =)




My manager found your blog for me. Wow - thanks for mentioning me. Lol. I'll send you the mp3 of the report I put together from Tropfest. I still can't believe I got David Wenham's autograph. I haven't blogged on Tropfest yet - haven't had time!

GOOD ON YOU (and the uber cool John Polson) for giving it to the mainstream crew. At least you didn't have to stand between Angela Bishop (UGH) and Garry Maddox of the SMH (he's cool. We talked for a bit.. I stole a grab off him from Polson Hehe..). I tried talking to Polson, but his minders pushed him away and he gave me a sympathetic look. Yargh..

I'm still trying to get over the fact that Andrew Denton defended me. Eek.

Dude, we're so going next year! Damn, we looked schmexy in our 'media' tags =D

See you at uni (sorry for the uber long comment lol)

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