Sorry, sports fans.

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This is ripped, again, from my J2 blog...

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I'm not interested in sport news. At all. The fact that there's a significant amount of Australians, and indeed people around the world who care more about how many times a ball goes into a hole than the people that make the decisions that effect the entire population really bugs me. These days, sports bulletins consist of about 1 story on an actual match (soccer, cricket, whatever, but always played by men), 3 on poor on-court/field behaviour (dummy spits, fights with umpires etc) and 10 on some off-court/field indiscretion (drugs, steroids, phone sex, rape, extra-marital affairs). No offense to the soccer fans in J2, but there are more important things in news, and in life.

There. That should make what I'm about to write much more legitimate, warranting its place in this section of the blog...I do confess I absently glance at sports news when its on at work.....

(Source: Sky News Australia)

James Bracey is the only reason I stay tuned in...

(Edit: you may have seen him from some memorable moments such as his coverage of the Australia vs...whoever Australia won against first in the World Cup, where he was cut off and pushed around literally by the screaming fans in Leichardt and started laughing in the live broadcast...!!)

Whaaaat?? Surely a little male objectification every now and then is needed to balance the scale- female journalists/newsreaders have been criticised more for their looks than their credibility for years.

I'm a Journalism nerd.
Leave me alone while I Foucault this essay up.



i'm proud to say that out of the news bulletins on tv these days, the only one i watch is sbs world sports at 7pm...a whole 20mins of sports news w/o ads! cant get better than that...i mean, who cares if bush just got his ass kicked in mid-term elections...i wana see how federer kicked another no-name's ass and how the cricket ball swung that little bit in the air to hit the tiniest bit of wood before being caught by the keeper...and for the record, sbs world sports is a proper sports bulletin with none of that sex scandal shit...unless warney really does sumfin outrageous...but then again if he does, thats on the normal news bulletins too...neways 7pm is almost here :P

Ok I hate to be technical but...oh who am I kidding, I love it. 'For the record' what you watch is called a sports "program". A "news bulletin" is, you know, a package of your usual headliners at the front, less controversial stories in the middle and mediocre sports coverage at the end. How a news bulletin is arranged, reflects how 'newsworthy' the stories included are. And we all know sports comes last. Interesting isn't it? ALL SBS news, not just its sports coverage, is about a million times more credible than commercial outlets because it a) doesn't have to worry about sponsors, b) covers WORLD news. But hey each to their own, you go on doing neck exercises watching tennis, and I'll be watching when WWIII starts.

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