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"I feel like the institution of marriage has become a code-word for exclusion and dependence, rather than couplings that expand and strengthen society's fabric. I'm open to being convinced otherwise, but generally fail to see the merit. Love, sacrifice, fidelity and commitment are so important to me- I hope they can stand alone."
- Rick Bull, 30

"I live with my partner. You don't need a slip of paper and a traditional marriage ceremony to have a satisfying, loving, committed relationship."
- Fenella Kernebone, 30
(Good Weekend, 23 September 2006, pp. 21-22)

Its sad that we see it as an institution, or some mysterious force of entrapment than a reinforcement or confirmation of love and devotion. Since when did we become so disillusioned with the notion of marriage? Is it due to rising divorce rates, de facto relationships and casual drunken sex? Or does it go hand-in-hand with the denouncement of all things religious or remotely associated with convention?



i agree most with the third quote.

There's only two quotes Kev. =p Which one do you mean, and why?

oh damn i thought the last para was a quote too, but it's actually you haha.

i was agreeing that it's sad. people nowadays are mistaking convention for conformity, perceiving commitment as oppression. they see the divorce rates, and avoid marriage rather than try to beat the odds and see it through. so it's sad to see people letting their disillusionment and CYNICISM turn them away from what remains an important symbolic affirmation of a lifelong commitment.

I'm CYNICAL but I'm not anti- marriage =p. I can see the reality of the 'relationship' and 'romance' and so forth, but those attitudes don't neccessarily impose a barrier to the hope that comes with marriage, as an affirmation, as opposed to an institution.

Having said that, I have to agree somewhat with the first two quotes, in that marriage is a choice. It can for some work as an 'important symbolic affirmation of a lifelong commitment' but its not the only way it can be affirmed.

But I don't agree with the seemingly dismissive tone that they use to describe marriage as just a piece of paper. Because as you and I both said, it is much more sacred than that. In short, to disregard marriage as an option because its not THE path for you, is perfectly acceptable. But to disregard its place AS a path among many, is incorrect.

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