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I really should be doing my report, but its a little painful to churn the words out since I haven't been going to lectures for that subject for a couple of weeks now.

And I had to get this down:

As unsatisfied/discontent I may feel with things sometimes...usually when most everything is going great and there's just that nagging feeling that its not 'enough', that something's 'missing', and that familiar friend bitterness rocks up to lend a helping hand, these lyrics still ring true:

'What you want

What you lost

What you had

What is gone is over

What you got

What you love

What you need

What you have is real' (Our Lady Peace- Not Enough)

Simple as they sound, they're not always simple to remember. When you constantly want more, even when you don't know what that would neccessarily entail- these words ring true.

No matter how much gets taken away, or how much you lose, whatever the reason its gone there's always something left behind. No matter how sacred that something was- all is never lost.

It got me thinking. Every birthday I've had in the past three years has been spent with different people...as I make, grow close to and move away from different people for different reasons. And what's really important- is that some of those people have remained the same. Its important not to forget those people. Because those are the ones you make an effort to stick with, or with whom 'sticking' is effortless...and a lot can happen in 3 years. Its not always easy. They remain true. They remain present. So even when you feel like you can't rely or depend on anything to stay constant- there's always a rock of support that stands at the corner of your life, as yet unturned, unweathered by the storm.

And when I think of that, and how those friendships have changed but essentially remained the same, I realise I have nothing to whinge about, and everything to feel thankful for.

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