'Green and Gold Tears'

Posted by JSYL on Monday, June 26, 2006 in ,
As our chief correspondent at work just commented: 'Green and gold tears are being shed all over the world at this moment.'

A sombre (somber?) mist of bittersweet disappointment hangs in the air today.

After it was all over, my dad and me had nothing to say...just shook our heads and went to bed.

--A few lighter/more interesting viewpoints:

Tim's spluttered 3AM sms in reply to my: 'omg wtF was THAT?!'>>
'That was the worst. It was so tense..I cannot believe it. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!! STUPID!'

and Reuters correspondent's remark upon shuffling into the newsroom, his gait heavy and shoulders burdened with the grief of an unfair loss:
'Well if you can't score goals against 10 men, you can't expect to win a soccer match'.

This morning me and my Dad shuffled around the kitchen in respectful silence, until my eyes caught the front page of the Herald, and a few haphazardly scattered papers from the days leading up to the match, splattered with colourful Italian and Socceroo fans.

'We were robbed, Jane. We were robbed.'

And that sums up the extent of my World Cup 2006 experience.

p.s. I wonder if this is the Australian equivalent of the mood the day JFK was shot.



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